Fire Stopping

Restricting a fire and its components, flames, smoke and toxic gases, to its point of origin is a crucial component of effective fire stopping and passive fire protection of a building. It is important to preserve structural integrity of building compartments where communications, services and utilities go through fire resisting walls.

We are fully trada approved and accredited fire compartmentation company spill working with the same as on the Firedoor amendments.

Key components of fire stopping

Key components of the firestopping techniques include fire batts, covers, mastic sealants, fireboards, collars, mortars, fire curtains, putties and pillows, which are used to effectively fire-stop linear joints (head of wall to concrete slab), apertures and penetrations via floors and walls, cavity barriers, service openings and ducts and and combustible pipes and cables.

An excellent reputation

Mainclad offer the full range of passive fire protection solutions and fire-stopping products that are designed to effectively seal penetrations, apertures, and openings within a building’s fire compartments.

Fire-stopping sealing solutions must be applied in full compliance with the manufacturer’s requirements as well as verified for that purpose by BS/EN approved standards for the appropriate penetration type, aperture size and service provision. Installations of passive fire protection, fire-stopping sealing solutions should be carried out by fully trained and qualified specialists.

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